8″ Grunge Chicken Wire



Hey chicks….. the 8″ Grunge Chicken Wire mask is highly detailed and completely random, no component is exactly the same, this gives an organic feel to your work.  Emboss it, spray it, ink it or use your texture paste, this mask is very hand indeed.

8″ Clock Face



The 8″ clock face is a perfect addition to any crafters toolkit, highly detailed and very robus this stencil can be use on almost all projects and is especially suited to grunge, vintage and steampunk….  Opps did you just add that to your stash? Naughty…..

8″ Bubble Wrap


(due to its astounding detail)

who doesn’t like bubble wrap? I have spend many an hour popping it, now you can add it to your work with a mask! This mask is highly detailed and beautiful. Perfect for contemporary and grunge work and perfect for any seasoned crafter or beginner alike.

Welcome to the home of the MAD Splodgy Splodgers…..