The Pebbly mask is great to use when you are wanting to create stunning abstract backgrounds.  It works well with the Gelli Plate and will not only give you some great effects but due to is random ature your projects will look and feel organic.  This mask is 8″x8″.



This is a simple yet highly effective repeating pattern design.  Use this is the creation of some stunning background paper by using a plethora of techniques with it. Its 8″x8″ and cut from high quality polymer.



The Hex-o-Grid 8″x8″ stencil is simple ad effective.  Ink it, spray it, love it.  This mask is highly versatile and can even be embossed in your embossing machine.  Simply perfect!



The 8″x8″  Hexey stencil is very detailed and is based upon the standard honeycomb type design.  Great for all sorts of project, from toppers to canvases, this stencil is a must have for all serious crafters.



The Honeycomb stencil is a detailed alternative to the normal hexagon type Honeycomb.  Its design is modern and clean.  It is cut from top of the range polymer making this stencil a long lasting crafty friend. This stencil is 8″x8″.

Blobby Lines


The Blobby Lines Stencil is 6 Inches and is laser cut from a high quality polymer.  It is perfect to be embossed in your embossing machines or inked with distress inks.  Do not worry if you accidentally use a permanent ink… the mask is completely solvent resistant allowing it to be cleaned with thinners or spirits.

Heart The Lot


Heart the Lot is a very handy basic essential.  Perfect for anything love themed this really useful stencil is very versatile.  Cut from high quality solvent resistat polymer, the 8 inch Heart The Lot stencil will last for years.

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